$this variable and functions example

class person
public $heir_color;
public $height;
public $person_name;

public function set($hc,$h,$pn)
$this->heir_color = $hc;
$this->height = $h;
$this->person_name = $pn;
public function display()
echo “Person Name: “.$this->person_name.”<br>”;
echo “Person Height: “.$this->height.”<br>”;
echo “Person Heir Color: “.$this->heir_color.”<br>”;

$tanvir = new person();
$elahi = new person();



In this example , you can see how object oriented  php help us to get rid of writing same code .. its maintain DRY (don’t repeat yourself) .. only changing value we get results.
$this variable or keyword used to mention properties within a function/method whatever you say .. one can’t use the property or variable name directly in a method within class its mandatory to use $this keyword/variable …