XML tutorial #1: Basic

XML Tutorial : #1

Before you starting read this tut i hope that you have good knowledge about HTML and basic concept about Javascript …

XML ..!! That stands for eXtensible Markup Language … Why its called extensible !! the reason is is that xml gives the programmer freedom to write his tag .. impressive isn’t it? .. yes it is .. as you are a html coder you know how to define tags, attributes, entity etc … all these things are also in XML ..

Then a question may be rise in your head that if almost all the things are same as html then why should we learn XML .. well, first i will say XML is not a complement of HTML ..
Difference between XML and HTML are …
XML deals only with data .. like stroing data, transmission data etc .. but it does not show any data or some contents of a page ..

On the other hand, HTML deals how to show data or page content to a user .. it does not deals with data storing or transmission ..

Lets see how we can find it useful :
# XML reduce the data redundancy by storing data ..
# As it store data so we can show those data in varius styles in different section of web pages ..
# XML supports other language as well ..

At last i m gonna say it is a simple language to learn(as far as i know), then what is the problem to learn it and keep going … 🙂

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