XML Tutorial #2: Basic example of code

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<name>Teach Yourself C</name>
<author>Herberd Schield</author>
<name>Teach Yourself C++</name>
<author>Herberd Schield</author>
This is how to comment on XML .. same as HTML comment ..
This is a example of Basic syntax how to write XML code … the tag <booklist> is called the root … and remain tags are called child of the root tag ..

How save and show and XML code :
At first open up a notepad/wordpad then write this code changed the file name into anything but do not forget to change extension into .xml .. Now open it into your browser that will show the same code as well cause it is xml .. its only store the data …

By kfelahi Posted in XML

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