Work Portfolio

1) Web based e-commerce software for e-wintech shop.

  • adding product.
  • multiple user access.
  • invoice making.
  • history of all sold product.
  • and many more ..

2) Web based house rent management system.

  • adding tenants with their identities.
  • making monthly receipt.
  • monthly reports for other bills.
  • anytime tenants info printing.
  • and many more..

3)Web based library management system.

  • book inserting with isbn number.
  • books availability.
  • check automatically student can issue a book or not.
  • show the list of issued books with details.
  • notification system for issued time exceed.
  • many others..

4) Web site using wordpress cms 

5) Simple WordPress plugin

This plugin has several options to disable/enable several links from wordpress dashboard, disable browser update warning, wordpress core update etc. This plugin’s option will be found under settings named as R_n_D.

You can modify below options by using this plugin

Remove Wp Logo
Remove About Link
Remove Org Link
Remove Documentation Link
Remove support forum Link
Remove Feedback Link
Remove View Site Link
Remove Footer Version
Remove Footer Text
Disable Browser Upgrade Warning
Disable WordPress Update

WordPress Download Link:

Mediafire Download Link:

6) WordPress Favourite Post Plugin

This plugin allow user to save post as their favourite post. It’s use jQuery, wordpress option api.

It’s use database to remember favourite posts so it’s doesn’t matter for user from which pc they are logged in, they can always access their favourite posts and remove them from post.

This plugin create an option page where a user can find his faourite posts with links and remove option.

7) Man is Power(MIP)

  • Web based application to manage all information about their clients.
  • Printing out those documents if need.
  • Used PHP CI to build this.

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