__clone() magic method in oop


/*__clone() method used to create a clone of a object of class .. However there is a subtle difference between cloning a object of class or assigning a object of class to another .. When we assign $b = $c; that means $b is not a new object, $b use the same memory space like the $c use this called copy … whereas cloning an object make new memory space for the cloned object it is not a copy …

Example of cloning method is given below ..

class b
public $a;
public function seta($a)
$this->a = $a;
public function geta()
echo $this->a;
public function __clone() /*this function is so much important cause when you use clone keyword to make a clone of an object its not mandetory to have a __clone mehtod within the class .. you can run the code making the full __clone() method within comment line and you will find out a successfull output having no problem ..*/
$an = new b();

$bol = new b();


$col = clone $bol;

echo “<br/>”;



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