What is jQuery UI and how to use

jQuery UI stands for jQuery user interface is a javascript library that provides interactions, widgets, effects that gives your website more dynamic look.Any one can build dynamic application.
This makes creating dynamic web pages lot easier.

so how can i use these !!
well then ..

first click the below link and download the stable version of jQuery UI.

LINK:    http://jqueryui.com/home

In the downloaded zip file you will get jquery-ui.js that you have to include in your script just like including jQuery.js

But keep in your mind that before you include the jquery-ui.js file you must include jquery.js file.

It will more clear to you if you look an example …

One last thing is you may become worried about the options and it’s values and other events .. Well don’t be worried about this you will not have  to memorize all this because you can take help and can understand all of this from the below site:

LINK:    http://jqueryui.com/demos/


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